Rainbow Oats

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There’s just something about a colorful sensory bin that really pulls children in. The colors engage their sense of sight, and they gear up ready to get their sense of touch in on the action. Even when they don’t realize it, their hearing is attuned to the different sounds the sensory bin makes as they play and explore.

This rainbow oats bin is an engaging and fun way for children to explore their senses while working on fine motor skills. On top of that, they’ll be learning more about colors, shapes, and textures.

Make Your Own Rainbow Oats Sensory Bin

Below you’ll find directions for dyeing oats and setting up a rainbow oats sensory invitation. Please note this bin is meant for children who are no longer putting things in their mouths.

If you need a taste-safe option, omit the hand sanitizer and just use food coloring to dye the oats. Be sure to leave out the smaller foam beads, as well.


Rainbow dyed oatmeal
Foam beads in assorted colors
Wooden clothespins
Terracotta pots
Paint markers or acrylic paint
Oatmeal; Old fashioned, uncooked
Hand sanitizer
Food coloring
Zipper seal bags
A plastic bin with a clip case top

Instructions to Dye Oatmeal:

Place 1 cup of dry old fashioned oatmeal in a zipper seal bag.

Add 2 tablespoons of hand sanitizer.

Seal and shake until the oatmeal is coated evenly.

Open the bag and add 10-15 drops of food coloring.

Seal and shake well.

Pour onto paper towels, paper plates etc and allow to dry for about 12 hours.

How to Set up the Bin:

Paint your small terracotta pots with the paint markers in the colors of the rainbow, the paint markers I used will dry in about 60 seconds, but if you are using acrylic paint you will want to allow for adequate dry time.

Pour the dyed oatmeal into the bin in the pattern of a rainbow.

Add foam beads to the oatmeal.

Add a few clothespins to the bin and allow your child to explore. This is so much fun for working on both fine motor and sorting skills for small hands!

When playtime is over you can simply clip the lid on for future play sessions and easy storage.

Would your children love getting their hands on this rainbow oats sensory bin? Lots of fun and learning in one colorful box.

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