Rainbow Mirror Art with Leftover Homemade Paints

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This is a super fun way to use our taste safe rainbow paint leftovers! After we had had fun with our no mess rainbow in bag I had a bit of paint left over. I decided we would do some painting with it!

This activity is very easy and fun to see the results and creations that come out of it.

Set your paints out and fold a sheet of paper in half. My paper in the pictures is a A3 size. Show the kids  what will happen when you paint and fold the paper onto itself. The image mirrors!

It is totally up to you to show this step, I decided to show my kids what would happen as this is the first time we are doing an activity like this.

It took a few tries to get our art on the center folds. I also always have a damp rag / cloth handy for paint mess, my one child doesn’t like it when it gets on his hands.

Although the kids were on a rainbow painting mission this does not have to be about rainbows! let the kids paint whatever they want!

Here is an example of how your page would look to get a nice rainbow shape.

Once the page has been pressed onto itself and then reopened it looks like this!

Any picture is art!

Leave your art to dry!

See the recipe for homemade paint.

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