Rain Noise Sensory Activity For Toddlers

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This rain noise sensory activity is nearly effortless, especially when done outside. Harvey was absolutely mesmerized. Nicolette had an entire gallon of colored water so for a while I refilled the bottles for him.

Once all the water was out, we took the lids off and he scooped and poured, his favorite activity. The light blue color of the water was lovely and calming. The activity is fascinating and fun for a toddler and naturally extends in ways that will keep them playing for a while.

Rain Noise Sensory Activity Materials:

  • Cooking tray or plastic container
  • Bottle with a shaker lid, or with holes poked in the lid
  • Food coloring (your choice)

Fill your bottle with water and add a drop of food coloring. Place the cooking tray in a bin to contain the water mess or do this activity outside. Let the water pour out through the many small holes of your bottle to make a rain noise on the cooking tray.

Once the water is all out of the containers you can extend this activity by adding another tray so that water is scooped from one tray to the other and back again.

At first Harvey wanted me to share in his joy, and refill his bottles. But when we transitioned to the scooping and pouring, he didn’t need me anymore for this rain noise sensory activity. He became so absorbed I was able to slip away and give some attention to my 4 year old, which was a huge blessing in that moment. He didn’t even notice I’d gone up to the porch for about 10 minutes!

This idea isn’t JUST for 1 year olds!

There are 40 more activities in the book and ALL include an activity variation AND “As They Grow” section, making this a Grow-With-Them book.

Activities are suited to 1, 2, 3 and even 4 year olds!

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