How To Make A Rain Mobile Craft for Kids

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In the story Come On, Rain by Karen Hesse, children can follow along and learn the signs of an oncoming rainstorm. They also learn why rain is so important, and why a good rainstorm is always a good thing! Enjoy the story with your child, then check out this easy rain mobile craft for kids. It is a fun follow up to the story and can help the appreciate rain even more!

How to Make a Rain Mobile Craft for Kids

You just need a few easy to find craft supplies for this activity. You can find them at your local craft store or Dollar Store, making it both fun and frugal.

Here is what you will need:

paper plate (any size, white plate works best)
blue craft paper or felt
string or ribbon in color and width of your choice
craft glue


Begin by cutting the paper plate into a cloud shape. This can be as simple as creating a half moon shape, or by rounding out the edges into a cloud shape.

Using the blue craft paper or craft felt, cut out small ovals to look like drops of rain. You can make them in all different sizes, making each drop as big or as little as you wish.

Add a dab of glue to the rain drops and press them to the string or ribbon. You don’t have to attach them any certain way, and can just apply them in a random pattern. Hold each raindrop to the string or ribbon until it is secure. Create several strands using this method.

You can now attach the raindrop strings to the cloud. Add a dab of glue to each string and glue to the back of the cloud.

Finish the rain cloud mobile by adding a piece of ribbon or string to the top. Create a loop shape and adhere. Allow to dry.


Your rain cloud mobile is now ready to be displayed. Place it somewhere where it will catch the wind and the raindrops will blow! You can also hang it in a sunny window or from a ceiling fan and watch it blow.

Whether you are learning about rain, weather, or just want a fun rainy day craft, consider this rain cloud mobile. It is a fun and easy craft for kids that is sure to keep them interested and busy!

Weather – Rainy days can’t keep you down! These weather-related activities are sure to keep your children actively learning, no matter what the weather!

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