Rain Cloud Science Experiment

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My kids love a good hands on science experiment, I bet yours do to right?  What makes this Rain Cloud Science Experiment so appealing is that it is easy to setup and presents a simple science concept in an easy to understand way for preschoolers. You will want to add it to your next study on weather for sure.


Rain Cloud Science Experiment

This simple science experiment is a great extension for any weather study and perfectly goes along with Wong Hebert Yee’s book Who Likes Rain? So gear your preschooler up for a fun seasonal study!

We started by talking about how rain forms in the clouds, how water droplets and small particles of ice form within them and eventually they get so heavy that they fall from the clouds. When they get too heavy for the clouds to hold they fall out, making rain. To reinforce this concept I pulled out a favorite experiment.

You will need:

  • a clear jar
  • white foam shaving cream
  • blue food coloring
  • water


Fill your clear jar 3/4 of the way full with water-this well represent

Next let your child add some fluffy white clouds(AKA shaving cream) to fill the remaining space.

Next to simulate rain use blue food coloring, dropping it one drip at a time into the clouds demonstrating how the clouds fill.

Eventually the “water droplets” in the clouds become so heavy they being to fall through the clouds.



The kids really enjoy taking part in this demonstration that gives them a basic understanding of a larger concept.

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