Q-tip Painting For Fine Motor Skill Strengthening

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Do you have a toddler, preschooler or kindergartener? They will love using these templates to paint with Q-tips but they will have no idea how beneficial they are. This art activity is also a fabulous one for fine motor skill strengthening and kids will just think they’re having fun!

Q-Tip Painting

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for young children. These are the muscles in their hands and fingers that help them with skills they need as they grow up. Developing these skills eventually helps with tying shoes, zipping a zipper, holding a pencil properly and being able to pick things up with two fingers. These are all important skills for kids and the one way to help them is by giving them activities that will help strengthen those muscles.

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These activities do not have to be boring, in fact they shouldn’t be! This q-tip painting activity is not boring at all, it’s super fun!

You’ll need:

Printable Templates

After you print the pages and set up the paint, you can show your child that the circles are where to put the paint. Using the q-tip this should be fairly easy, the sizes of the circle and the end of the q-tip are pretty close to the same.

There are multiple designs in this fine motor skill strengthening pack.
The first four have black circles so kids can choose whichever color they would like. These templates help with shape recognition and they are: circle, square, rectangle and triangle.
There is also a space at the bottom of the page that lists the name of the shape in dotted lined letters so that kids can trace the shape word.

The last page has a rainbow on it, as well as the dotted line word. On this page, though, the circles are color coded in the colors of a rainbow.

All of the pages are perfect for helping children to strengthen fine motor skills while letting them get creative and have fun!

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