Pumpkin Collage

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My toddler loves to post and stick stuff, so it was surprise she loved making this pumpkin collage!

It is easy to set up and a great fine motor activity to get those little fingers moving and grasping.

Gather your pumpkin making supplies

  • Card stock black or white
  • Orange crepe paper (shredded)
  • white school glue, paint brush
  • green pipe cleaner

Prep the card stock into a pumpkin shape and use left over bits to make square, round and triangle for eyes and jagged bits to use for mouthes.

Drip some glue onto your pumpkin shape and paint till the surface is covered. Toddlers love to use that paint brush!

TIP: Keep a damp cloth nearby to help with sticky glue fingers!

Once your surface has glue on it begin sticking down the crape paper all over the place!

Pinch and paste.

Because I had a few shapes set out my toddler wanted to do all them. I had to point out spots that she missed. We made a game out of finding places to stick more crepe paper!

Then we choose some items for our face. 2 triangles and 2 jagged mouth bits and glued those down. We had a bit too much enthusiasm with the glue 😉

I then twirled a pipe cleaner to look like a leaf and vine and we stuck that down too. Leave your creation to dry over night and display.

Other collages we have made include apples and hearts!

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