Printable Unicorn Activities For Preschoolers

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Does your preschooler love unicorns? I know mine does. She also loves these printable Unicorn Activities. She loved them so much we probably did each activity at least 3 times each. Little did she know, that while she thought she was playing games, she was actually learning and developing so much!

Unicorn Activities For Preschoolers

The Unicorn Theme is just the icing on the cake. This printable set is full of fun learning activities that help children stay engaged while they are developing news skills.

Memory Game

Memory games are a fantastic game for preschoolers. First, it is easy to set up. Print out the sheets and cut the cards apart. You can laminate, but that is optional. Start by mixing all of the cards, upside down, on the table. Take turns picking two cards, if they are a match, keep it in your pile. If they aren’t put them back. Whoever at the end of the game has the most in their pile, wins the game! The great thing about this is you could adjust the challenge level by adding less matches into the game. This will help children strengthen their short term memory skills as well as identification.

I Spy games are so much fun. Not only will this help with identification skills and short term memory, but counting as well. Kids will love all of these pictures. Grab your favorite writing utensil and get playing. Kids can count one particular object at a time and write the number on it, or count as they look across the page.

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Pattern Game

Exploring patterns is an important activity for kids. We see patterns in our ever day lives and working with activities like this can help kids anticipate what comes next and logical thinking. The skills that they are practicing with activities such as this are going to help them with future math skills as well as other parts of life.

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are so fun for kids, they can express their creativity and it is typically an activity that kids like to do. But at the same time, this activity is super beneficial. Kids can strengthen hand eye coordination, motor skills, focus and can help improve handwriting. So grab the crayons and get coloring.

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