Printable Spring Color Pages For Kids

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Color pages are one of my favorite activities. They always were when I was a kid and I love them for my own kids. These printable Spring Color Pages are relaxing, strengthen skills, and are perfect for this warm and sunny season.


Since we’re talking about coloring, I have to mention these flip crayons.  My kids love them. They are shorter and have two colors in one, how fun is that?

If you’re working on colors or numbers try our Farm Animal Color By Number Set.

Spring Color Pages

Coloring is so beneficial for kids.

First, it is a great relaxation tool. Whether your child is wound up from excitement, too much sugar, or in a situation where they feel bored, coloring can help. Also, coloring can help children focus.

Coloring is also fabulous for developing a pincer grasp. This is critical for holding a pencil and being able to write.

For children who are just learning colors, the act of coloring can really help encourage this development with these color pages.

Creativity is strengthened with this activity, too.

Spring Theme

These Printable Spring Color Pages are incredibly simple. If children are new to coloring and need a simple layout, these are for them. There are multiple spring-themed images on each page, but they are simple. Children that are more interested in something more difficult, can easily add designs and creativity to each picture.

These color pages are the perfect way to celebrate spring. Take these color pages to restaurants, doctors’ appointments, car rides, or inside on a rainy day.

Check out these Spring Writing Practice Printables.

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