Printable Spot The Difference Activities For Kids

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Spot the difference activities! This was one of my favorite brain puzzles when I was a child and now has to do with my own kids. Not only is this type of game exciting and engaging but it can provide a ton of benefits too!

Can You Spot The Difference?

There are 3 different sets in this Spot The Difference activities pack. Each page has two different pictures on them. The themes are:

– Ocean
– The North Pole
– Winter Wonderland

Each set of pictures has 10 differences in total.

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The purpose of this Can You Find The Difference activity is for children to scan the two pictures on each page. Looking deep at all the different details like facial features, colors, size, etc. When the differences are found, children can circle both of the spaces on each picture. When all differences are found, they can move to the next set of pictures.

The benefits of this activity for kids are that it helps children strengthen their concentration and focus, as well as attention to detail. Spotting the differences can also help increase observation skills as they learn to notice details.

Preparing The Activity

Prepping this Can You Find The Difference activity does not have to be difficult. You can prep it for one-time use and let your child do the activity with a pencil. Another option is to laminate the pages and use dry-erase markers. This way they can be used over and over. This second option is also a great option for in the classroom.

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