Printable Spanish Word Food Activities

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Are you teaching your kids Spanish? Or are they interested in learning common Spanish words? This Printable Spanish Word Food Activities pack is perfect for them. Kids will love learning these Spanish words!

This Spanish Word Food Activity Pack has so many different activities for kids. 10 to be exact. Each one of these activities will help children learn the Spanish words for foods that they already know.

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What are some of the games?


We know that most kids LOVE playing bingo. This is a game that multiple kids can play at once or just you and one child. When you call out the food item, make sure you call the words out in Spanish so that they can learn how it is said, as well as what the word looks like.


I’ve done grocery store scavenger hunts with my daughter, but never in Spanish. Kids will practice saying and reading the Spanish words while they are searching for the food item in the store.


Flash cards are an excellent way to practice Spanish words anywhere. These can be taken on the road, in the car, to a restaurant or to a waiting room. This is a fun activity after you have already introduced the words to your child so you can practice with them.


Preschoolers and early elementary children can always benefit from handwriting practice. This one is extra special because they will be practicing their handwriting with Spanish words.

Other activities include: addition, subtraction, circling the fruit and underlining the vegetables. Kids will be engaged with every single one of these activities while they learn these spanish words.

To prep these activities, start by printing. You may have to cut some for the games, like the flash cards or bingo cards, but most can be done on the sheet itself. You can also laminate all of these activities if you’d like. If you laminate and the activities need to be written on, use a dry erase marker.

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