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Part of my 25 Christmas Busy Bags series, where I bring you some fun busy bags to keep the little ones occupied.

This busy bag has got to be up there on my list. It is just AWESOME ?

The focus of this bag is fine motor skills by using the mini pegs to reattach various parts to Rudolf. This also provides an opportunity to learn some anatomy. Like why do reindeer have antlers? and what’s with the big red nose?

To make this Reindeer Busy Bag you will need:

  • The printable (which you can download here)
  • optional laminator (keep an eye on this one, it goes on sale often and has good reviews)
  • white card stock to print on
  • mini pegs
  • hot glue gun

Print out the page on your card stock and cut out. Laminate the bits for a longer lasting busy bag.

Now use your hot glue gun along the sides of the mini pegs and press them onto the cut out bits. Be careful to have the items all lined up correctly so that the ends clip on in the right way.

At around age 3 or 4 your little one will be able to use pegs and mini pegs. My 2 and half year old is unable to open a peg at this stage so my 5 year old enjoyed this Christmas busy bag with many comments about the missing reindeer parts.

You will also notice that I use a tray in all my busy bags. I have a few reasons for this. Firstly it contains the items and secondly it contains the items to each kids busy bag thus stopping the fighting over loose parts and which belong to who’s activity!

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