Printable Rainbow Colors Game

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Seeing a rainbow in the sky is such an exciting moment in life. The lucky part is that we can see more than one in a lifetime! We can even see a double rainbow if we’re lucky. Not only are these glorious sights a miraculous science miracle, it is also a fantastic way to help children learn colors. That is why this Printable Rainbow Colors Game should be your next game with your color learning kids!

Printable Rainbow Colors Game

Recognizing colors and color names is an important part of a child’s development. There is a link between learning color, color words and cognitive development. The link is between visual cues and the words.

Have you heard the acronym ROY-G-BIV? It’s the colors of the rainbow, in order, but in an easy way to remember. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

This game can also help teach children the colors and connect the visual cues with the names.

To prep for this game you only need a few supplies.

Colored Beads

First, print the activity set onto paper.
The set includes a game board as well as 6 rainbow mats.

For more rainbow fun, we love these Rainbow Craft Stick Puzzles!

Each mat has a different colored border. Each border color is one that is included in the rainbow. This can be helpful to create variety in the game.

After printing, I like to laminate. This helps keep the game protected so you can use over and over!

Each player needs their own rainbow mat. It doesn’t matter which one, let them pick which color border they want. Or just hand out randomly.

Each person takes a turn. First, roll the dice. We like the foam dice but any dice will do.
The turn continues with that person moving the number of spaces that shows on the dice.

Whichever color is landed on is what color manipulative needs to be placed on which rainbow color line.

Players continue to take turns, move around the board and continue to play until one player fills up their rainbow.

To make the game a little more simple, each player can only try to fill out the border color of their rainbow mat.

Remember to follow the arrows for directions while moving across the game board.

This game is also great for strengthening fine motor skills. When children move the dice and add their colored manipulatives to the correct space, this is helping the finger grasp muscles!

Children will enjoy this Color Mixing activity!

Alternative Ideas:

You could use a variety of different things instead of beads. Here are some other ideas I found:

Rainbow Colored Tiles

Rainbow Translucent Chips

Rainbow Cubes

Rainbow Snap Cubes

Rainbow Pom Poms

You could add in an extra element to the game. After the child lands on the color, ask them to find something in the room that is that color. Then after they find something, then they can add it to their rainbow card. This will help include the environment into the learning.

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