Printable Pumpkin Pie Fraction Activity

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What is the easiest way to help teach fractions? One that we have probably all experienced at least once in our lives? That would be PIE.

What better pie than Pumpkin pie to really help children understand more about fractions? Grab these Pumpkin Pie Fraction activities if you are teaching your children fractions! 

Pumpkin Pie Fractions

This activity is great for any child learning fractions. Not only is it helping them learn about fractions, but it also shows them how they go back together after they are cut and separated.

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The first sheet in the printable pumpkin pie fractions activity set is a whole pie. It says “I Can Make A Pie’ across the top. This can be the main pie mat, if you wish. The other 3 pages have two pumpkin pies per sheet.

You can break down the smaller cards into different fractions: ⅓, ½, etc. To show the fraction relationships, you can create a whole pie on the whole pie mat using the smaller fraction pieces.

Alternatively, the whole pumpkin pie mat does not need to be used. This is especially true if you are looking for more of a challenge for your child. 

Once the pies have been made over and over and the fractions are understood, these pumpkin pie fractions pieces will make fabulous pretend play pieces!

You can also incorporate fractions in with the pretend play. You can pretend you are buying pie and ask children to give you a half or a quarter or a third. This will help them understand the fractions more too. 

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