Printable Playdough Number Mats

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Do your kids love playdough as much as mine do? We bring out the playdough at least a couple times a week, and that’s only if we actually put it all away at one point during that week. We love making playdough, exploring new ways to play with playdough and learning with playdough. These Playdough Number Mats are our newest learning activity that features playdough.

Free Printable Playdough Number Mats

My favorite thing about these playdough mats is that it incorporates different parts of number sense. Number sense is an important part of exploring numbers.

I also like that these are reusable, with a little simple prep work AND work on fine motor skills.

To get going with this activity, grab a few supplies and in no time you’ll be exploring numbers with your kids!

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Playdough (Or make your own using our simple recipe!)
Dry Erase Pockets 

The prep is simple. After printing, either laminate or use dry erase pockets. The reason for that is that the play dough will easily stick to plain paper and ruin it.

Grab whatever playdough you have chosen to play with and the mats.

When we first starting using this activity, we used the cards in numerical order. This was helpful for reiterating the order of the numbers.

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When more of a challenge was needed, we mixed the mats up so they were out of order. As my children finished the cards, I asked them to put them in numerical order.

When the mat was chosen, we chose playdough next. It’s a big decision, you know?
We would identify the number and number word. Then we would count on the dots. After that I asked my children to add playdough to the various parts of the mats.

They have so much fun with these and I enjoy watching them have so much fun while they are learning important things!!

p.s Get the letter versions of this playdough mat here!

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