Printable Mitten Counting Game

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We love playing learning games in our home, so we need a variety. That is why I love printable games, like this Mitten Counting Game. It is a fun way to practice counting, 1:1 correspondence and strengthen fine motor skills with a simple activity.

Winter Counting Game

I absolutely love when activities and games help my kids strengthen more than one skill at a time. This counting game does that. 

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Fine motor skills are important to strengthen because they are the muscles that kids need for tying shoes, zipping a zipper and handwriting.

Counting and 1:1 correspondence are some of the first steps of math skills that are important for children to learn.

There are a few supplies that we used

Pom Poms
Fine Motor Tweezers

After you print the mitten mat, grab the supplies.
Lay it all out and explain to your child how to play.

To play this counting game, they will roll the dice, then add that number of pom poms to the mitten using the tweezers. If you don’t have tweezers, they can use their fingers.

You can choose to clear the mat after every turn or keep adding to the mat. That is up to you.

As a more challenging option, you can use this counting game mat as an addition or subtraction mat as well. Roll one dice for the first number in the equation, then roll the dice again for the next number. Use the pom poms to help solve the problem.

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