Printable Farm Animal Activities Bundle

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Are you working on a farm animal theme? Or do your kids love the idea of a farm? Mine do! The animals, the plants, all of it! This printable bundle has a ton of farm animal activities that are sure to entertain your kids as well as help them strengthen important skills.

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Farm Animal Activities

I have found that it is easy to find a theme that kids love. Once we find a theme, having learning activities within that theme make it more exciting for kids to learn! There is nothing wrong with catering to your children’s interests, if it helps strengthen skills!

The skills that can be strengthened with this farm animal activities bundle are numerous. This includes sorting, searching, identifying, and more.

Farm Animal Activities

Farm Color Pages:
This is a simple color page. Kids will enjoy making this page all their own with their creativity.

Farm Memory Game:
This game is played in the traditional memory game way. You can prep this by printing and cutting out each of the cards. You can choose to laminate at this point, if you’d like. Turn the cards facing down and mix up. Line them up in a grid. Each person will take turns picking two cards. If they match, the person can keep them. If they don’t match, the cards go back into the grid. After all matches have been made, whoever has the most matches is the winner.

This is helpful for strengthening short term memory and identification.

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The following activities are all printables. They are simple to prep and there are a few options. After printing the pages, you can simply hand the activities to your child with a writing utensil of choice. You could also choose to laminate and use with dry erase markers. A dry erase pocket is also an option for this.

Vegetable I Spy:
A whole page of colorful vegetables. Kids will search through the images to find the ones that they are specifically looking for. The purpose is to mark down how many of each individual pictures they can find. This helps children with their sorting skills as well as identification.

Word Search:
The farm theme is full of fun words. This word search is traditional, just with all farm like words. This will help children identify letters and words as well as searching skills.

Animal Maze:
There are a few different animals. Which track may lead to a gift, but you have to follow them to find out. This is great for prewriting!

Kids will follow the patterns made with pictures of animals and fruits or vegetables. Kids will continue the patterns.

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