Printable Fall Activities For Kids

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Teaching children about the seasons is important, yes. That said, using seasons, like Fall, as a theme for learning activities at home or in the classroom, is an engaging way to teach kids. These Fall Activities are full of preschool activities that will help children learn a variety of necessary skills and help with development that they need.


Printable Fall Activities

This fall activities set is full of fun fall themed activities for kids. These would be great for preschoolers but some will work for toddlers all the way to first graders.

First we have a printable tree template that children can finger paint the leaves on the tree. They can use their fingertips to paint or dot leaves onto the tree branches. This is not only a creative way to incorporate fall leaves and art into your day, but also fine motor skills.

Both of these skills, art and fine motor, are important for early learners.

The next activity is a counting and matching activity. Children will count how many fall leaves are in the box, then find the number that it coordinates with. They can then circle or dot the correct number. This is great to help strengthen 1:1 correspondence, number recognition and counting skills.

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There is an autumn maze where children will help the squirrel collect all the nuts and leave the leaves. This is helping children with short term memory, hand eye coordination and more. Plus it’s fun!

Next we have a fall themed tracing sheet. The words are fall themed and include: Pumpkin, Rake, Tree, Acorn, and Leaf. Children will practice writing the letters that are included in these words which will not only help them learn to write and say these fall themed words. This is also fantastic fine motor skill practice.

Finally we have a fall leaf matching sheet. There are a variety of leaves in different shapes, patterns and colors. Children will match one column to the other by drawing a line. This is great for learning to hold and direct a writing utensil.

These activities are going to be great for children to learn a variety of skills while enjoying the fall theme.

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