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Even as adults, it can be hard to classify and understand emotions. Feelings come whether we understand them or not. When it comes to children, when they are confused about how they are feeling, it can turn into a meltdown of any kind. Helping them grasp at least the basic concepts of these feelings can be extremely beneficial. The best way I have found to do this is with games, like this Emotions Matching Game.

Emotions Matching Game

When you talk about deep topics with kids, it is best to do it in a light way. Emotions matching game like this can lead to important conversations and even more important understanding, while still having fun. Each one of these card sets has a different emotion. This is a fantastic way to judge if a child understands the specific feeling, by asking questions when those cards are in play. If they don’t understand, it is an easy way to describing and explaining the feeling to the child.

We also have another printable Emotions Card Game that could help too!

All you need to prep for these activities are a few supplies.


After printing the emotions matching game set, cut the cards apart. There are two cards for each set.

After they are all cut, they can be laminated. This isn’t required but it will definitely help keep the game alive for much longer. Especially with little kids!

Another option is to print this on one-sided cardstock, with a pattern or print on one side. This will make sure that the images can’t be peeked on through the paper. This is also optional though too.

Our Emotions Playdough Mats are super helpful too!

This emotions matching game is played like a tradition matching game. Mix up each of the cards and turn them face down. We like to put them in even rows, like 4×4 or 5×5. One set of cards has the emotions word, like sad, happy, mad, etc. The other set has the facial expression that goes with those emotion words.

Each person playing the game should pick two cards per turn. If the two cards match, they keep those cards in their own personal pile. If they don’t match, they turn them back to face down and it is the next person’s turn.

It is important for everyone to pay attention to each turn so they can try to remember where each card is.

Whoever has the most cards in their stack when all matches have been found wins. If you want to have a winner!

This is a fantastic emotions matching game for strengthening memory skills, focus, cognitive thinking and more! Not to mention the excellent way it can help you discuss emotions with your children.

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