Printable Easter Color By Number Activities

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Are you looking for a fun Easter coloring activity that kids can do to prepare for the holiday? These Easter Color By Number activities are perfect for that but they are also beneficial for preschool development.

Easter Color By Number Printables

Color by number printables are so fun and beneficial for kids. These Easter printables will help children develop essential skills. One of these skills is fine motor skills. These are important for children to strengthen because they are critical for tasks such as tying shoes, holding a pencil, zipping a zipper and more. Color by number activities also help children with dexterity and hand eye coordination.

Creativity is also encouraged. Children will watch the picture come to life as they explore colors.

On top of all of this, this Easter activity pack is full of ways to help children with counting and numbers.

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Using This Color By Number Activity

This Easter Color By Number Activity has 6 different designs to choose from. We’ve included:

– Chick & Egg
– An Egg Collage
– Egg in a Basket
– Decorated Egg
– Bunny In The Grass
– Double Decorated Eggs

Each of these pages focus on at least the numbers 1-5, going up to number 9. This gives a variety of options for children based on their skill level and the numbers that they know.

In our Easter Color By Number printables we have included a suggested color box, where each number is assigned a color. These colors include:

– Black
– Red
– Blue
– Light Blue
– Green
– Orange
– Yellow
– Pink
– Purple
– White
– Light Pink

So grab your favorite crayons or colored pencils and let your kids get started. Each page has a white blank border on it, which could be cut off if preferred.

Children will look at the number one, see which color is associated with it, and find all the spaces in the picture that have the number one. When they find a number one, color that space with the color associated with it in the color code box. Continue on to number 2 and so on.

Children could also start at each space, identify the number and color code, then color that space. Move to the next space and so on. This might take a little longer though.

When these Easter Color By Number activities are finished, they will make fantastic Easter decor for your classroom or home.

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