Printable Dinosaur Hundreds Chart & Game

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Are your kids dinosaur fans? I have a few of them at home, so we are always doing dinosaur themed activities. Using this theme is always a win, even with this Printable Hundreds Chart!

Dinosaur Hundreds Chart

A hundreds chart is a great math tool to have for preschool, kindergarten and first graders. This simple chart can help children learn a variety of math skills including counting, place value, number patterns, skip counting, addition and subtraction.

This game can help teach children all of those skills but while they are HAVING FUN! Kids will think they are playing a dinosaur board game, but we know that it is full of important skills.

Prepping this game is super easy. You just need to print and then cut out all of the parts. There is a board game as well as the number word cards. Grab some mini dino toys, pom poms or another manipulative.

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Once the game is prepped, it’s time for fun.

One way that this game can be played is to turn the number cards face down on the table. Put the manipulatives in a pile and the game board in front of each child.

Turn the number cards over one at a time. Kids will identify and read the number word then grab a manipulative and cover that number on the board. This can go on until the board is full or until the child is done.

Alternative Ideas

You can set a time and see how many can be accomplished in a certain amount of time.

Children could race to see who can find the number on the board first.

Play back and forth. Start on number one, grab a number card and move forward that many spaces. The next card picked will be a subtraction. Keep switching back and forth to see where you end up after 10, 20, etc cards. (To do this one you might only want to do the first 10 numbers or so).

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