Printable Comparison Activities For Preschoolers

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One thing about teaching math concepts to preschoolers is learning how to break these concepts down into smaller bits so that young minds can understand. One concept that is difficult to break down is comparing numbers or comparison, in general. While it is obvious to adults that one number is larger than another, or that one object is smaller than another, children do not inherently understand and know this. Using hands-on activities, like this printable Comparison Activity For Preschoolers, is a great way to help them understand the concept.


Comparison Activities For Kids

Your children are going to love going through this printable comparison activity set, learning new skills, and practicing ones they have previously learned. This pack focuses on comparing numbers and objects for size and such.

You will also love these printables because they are incredibly simple to prep. All you really need to do is print out the pages and give your child(ren) a writing utensil and crayons. 

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Comparison Of Objects By Size

This set includes 4 different pages each with six different boxes. In each box, there are two different objects, somewhat summer-related, and each one is a different size from the other. For instance, in one box there is a hat and a pair of sunglasses, the sunglasses are smaller.

There are four different objectives for these pages. These include finding the object that is:

  • Bigger
  • Smaller
  • Longer
  • Shorter

Once they find the objects that fit with each individual set of instructions and they see the comparison, they can circle the right one.

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Comparison is an important skill that children need to understand for so many reasons. Your children will love this comparison activity pack. They will be having fun while practicing and strengthening important skills that will help them in the future.

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