Printable Color The Letter Activities For A-M

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Kids learn the letters through repetition. When they see and identify the letter over and over, this will help them remember what the letter looks like. These Color The Letter Activities printables are the perfect way to help them do that!

Color The Letter Activities


The only material that you need for this is your coloring utensil of choice, we used crayons.

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This letter activities set includes all letters from A-M. Each page has a different theme. Such as A is for Apple, C is for Candy and F is for Flower. Then on the page is multiple objects from that theme that contain a variety of letters. The purpose is for children to search out and recognize the letter that is being focused on. They will only color the letter that is focused on, leaving the other letters blank.

This is fantastic for letter identification and recognition. Children need to identify letters to be able to read and write in the future. Without these core skills, the future skills can not happen.

These Printable Color The Letter Activities can also be used in the classroom. You can laminate them and use with dry erase markers if you’d like to prep once and use over and over.

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