Printable Color Sorting Activity

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Toddler and preschool age is typically when children start learning and mastering their colors. I always enjoy walking or driving around, pointing things out, and asking my kids what color it is. When they get it right, we all clap. We also have fun playing “I spy with my little eye… something green” and then they guess what it is. While these are fantastic ways for kids to learn printable color sorting activity such as these color sorting mats are an additional way to help.

Printable Color Sorting Activity

This color sorting activity is a simple activity for children. The objects are all recognizable objects that are in a child’s life already. Such as: water bottle, clover, heart, umbrella, block of cheese, grapes, basketball and a pig – just to name a few. All of these are mostly a solid color, as to help children identify which color they are working with.

The sorting mats each have two colors. This allows you to provide this activity to children who are just learning, as to not overwhelm them. At the same time, though, you can provide this same activity to a child who needs a bit more of a challenge.

This set includes:

Red & Blue Mat
Green & Yellow Mat
Purple & Orange Mat
Brown & Pink Mat

4 Pages Of Object Squares with 12 Objects On Each Page = 48 Different Objects


How To Prep for printable color sorting activity: 

After printing, cut the object squares. If you would like to, you could laminate both the sorting mats as well as the object squares. Laminating makes this activity usable over and over versus getting crinkled up from little hands.

Using This Activity:

As I mentioned above, you can present this activity in a variety of ways. For children who are just beginning to learn colors, you can set out one mat at a time. You can sort the object squares ahead of time to only include the two colors that are on the mat that you are using. For a slightly more difficult challenge, using this same concept, you can give all the object squares with only one mat.

For the biggest challenge, present all of the sorting mats and all of the object squares.

Try this Color and Shape Sorting Activity if your children are learning shapes.


Not only is this fantastic for color sorting, this activity also strengthens fine motor skills. The motion of children picking up the object squares promotes development of muscles that are necessary for future skills such as zipping a zipper, tying shoes and holding a pencil.

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