Printable Christmas Tree Advent Calendar for Kids

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I love making DIY Advent calendars every year for the kids. These the kids can make themselves by either painting or coloring in the trees.

Supplies for Christmas Tree Advent Calendar:

  • Glitter glue
  • Paint or markers
  • Star stickers
  • Glue stick

Print out the templates on card stock paper. (at the bottom of this post)

Color in the template with either water colors or crayons. Add optional glitter.

The templates have their own stars with stems which can stick in the top of these cones but I preferred to use stick on glitter stars.

Once your art work is dry glue along the folds as out lined. Add the items inside your count down cones and seal up the bottom.

Tip: if your items are heavy you might want to add a small bit of tape to keep them from falling out.

Display your pretty Christmas Tree Advent Calendar on a shelf or place on a tray for easy transport.

I had mine on a tray on a high shelf so the kids would not help themselves.

Download the templates by clicking the image below.

I love making new calendars every year!

Check out last years one here.

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