25 Printable Christmas Activities

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My kids love it when we do christmas crafts, activities and well anything seasonally themed! This year I have created 25 Printable Christmas Activities for them to do. It’s like a new adventure everyday!

I am offering this printable pack for sale now too!

25 Printable Christmas Activities

So what is in the pack? Take a look below at the all the activities I have included. I think I got a little something of interest for each kid. These are mainly aimed at preschoolers but toddlers could definitely do some these, especially the play dough mats and dot a dot pages. My 2 year old loves them!

  1. Countdown with Santa! (25 and 45 day versions)
  2. Patterning
  3. Coloring
  4. Connect the dot
  5. Match the color trees
  6. Count me pages
  7. I spy
  8. Decorate the tree (playdough mats)
  9. Find the words on the tree
  10. Spot the difference
  11. Mazes
  12. Dot the Dot
  13. Match up the item
  14. Trace the line
  15. Number puzzles
  16. Spinner games + spinner
  17. Do I belong
  18. Cut the line
  19. Bingo set
  20. Count pom poms on the tree
  21. Upper and lowercase abc match
  22. Fine motor Pom pom tree
  23. Match up and memory game
  24. Graphing sheet + cube
  25. Complete the drawing

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