Printable Chore & Routine Cards For Kids

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Giving kids chores to do is a controversial topic these days. If you’re here, though, you are most likely looking for ideas or direction. I am here to share with you what has worked in our house. These chore and routine cards are a simple way to introduce or be consistent with chores/routine and your kids.

Printable Chore & Routine Cards

We have tried multiple versions of chore charts in our house. For some reason I have always moved to a different way. Why? I could not stay consistent. The process was hard to remember or not motivating enough, for both myself and my kids, and it didn’t work. Which is why we would eventually move onto a different way of doing it. Then the same thing would happen, it would falter and we would again move on.

That is until we figured out this chore cards process. This way of presenting chores for my kids has not only stayed consistent but has been motivating for my kids.

So why does this work?

First of all, these cards are easy to move around. We know that being a parent requires flexibility and so do chore charts!

The chores are age appropriate. It is not necessary to have toddlers cleaning the bathroom. Toddlers can be responsible by getting dressed or brushing their teeth.

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The cards visual. Chore systems that we have had in the past were strictly words. Younger children that aren’t capable of reading or aren’t confident in it, will find it too difficult and get frustrated. These cards have pictures of the tasks as well as the words. Plus they are CUTE!

These reasons are why this system has worked so well for us. We have been going strong for a while. It helps keep our children responsible for appropriate things, keeps them being helpful and we have less arguments about it too! Win. Win. Win!

These tips have helped me with staying on top of everything I do as a mom. Hopefully it can help you too!

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