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If you are wanting your children to do chores, but hitting a reluctant wall, this chore challenge might be for you. Sometimes kids need a little extra encouragement. I even need a little extra encouragement. How many times do I write things on a list just so I can check them off when I am done. I do that that and kids may need that too. This Chore Challenge and Tracker is a perfect solution.

Chore Challenge & Tracker

Kids love a good challenge. This chore chart is the perfect way to include a challenge in their daily lives and help them be responsible at the same time. This chore challenge goes through like a game board. Each space having a different task. This could be putting laundry away, taking out the trash, putting toys away, or whatever you would like. We have included both a filled in board, with tasks that we find the most useful, as well as a blank board. Each of these versions also come in both color or black and white.

Our chore and routine cards are perfect to establish a routine and responsibly in kids.

You can prep this so that it can be used each day. If you laminate the chore chart, you can use dry erase markers to fill in each space of the challenge.

dry erase markers

If you don’t have a laminator, dry erase pouches will work just as well! This could also be helpful if you would like to change the tasks each day. You can simply slide the printable in and out of the dry erase pocket.

This could easily be something you print out each day too, if you would like.

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Besides chores, this challenge printable can be used as a bucket list for a season or holiday season, a book reading list, homework check list and so much more!

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