Printable Animal Sorting Activity For Kids

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Sorting is an important skill that can easily be strengthened with activities just like this one. This printable animal sorting activity is straight forward enough to help strengthen skills but sorting animals will make this extra engaging for kids.

Sorting Animals Activity

While this sorting game can be incredibly fun for kids, especially with the animal theme, this type of activity is super beneficial. It will help children with deductive reasoning skills, scanning, identification, matching, etc.

There are a few options when it comes to prepping. You can use this as a one time use activity or you could prep is so that it can be used over and over, which is great for classrooms.

Materials For Single Use:


You can just print and go with this activity. Kids can start working with it as soon as it is printed out. Children will cut the animal squares out and can glue them onto the correct sections.

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Materials For Multi-Use:

Velcro Dots


To use this printable animal sorting activity set over and over, you can laminate it. First cut the animals out and then laminate everything separately. Children can just place the animals on the correct sections or if you want to, you could put velcro dots on the backs of the animal pictures.

Either way, your kids will absolutely love this sorting animal activity and will not only learn more about animals but other developmental skills as well.

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