Printable Alphabet Matching Puzzles For Preschoolers

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One of the first things that preschoolers start learning is the alphabet. It was always fun for me to teach my children the alphabet. It is exciting for them to begin to learn what each letter is and it is exciting for me to watch them catch on and learn.

It is even more exciting when I can provide activities that they enjoy while they are learning. When my kids can laugh, play AND learn, I get giddy inside! That’s where these ABC Puzzles come in.

Alphabet Puzzles For Beginning Sounds

My kids LOVE puzzles. They always have. So this ABC puzzle set is perfect for helping them reiterate the alphabet but also move to more challenging skills. When they have mastered letter identification, the next step is to introduce beginning sounds. This is the connection between the individual letters and how they form words. This introduction process is typically done with pictures. The pictures are usually words that are common for children to know, like doughnut, house, dog, etc.

This puzzle set perfect for children who are just beginning to explore upper and lowercase as well as beginning sounds but we also have a more challenging set for those that have already been introduced to the concept and just need extra practice.

Prepping this activity is a one time thing. Once you prep it the first time, you are good to go. We only used a few supplies including:


The first thing we did is print out the puzzle sets. My suggestion is to print both sets, even if your child is not quite ready for the most challenging, it is easier to prep them together, in my opinion.

Next, cut out the pieces of the puzzles. You can stop here, but I prefer to laminate any activity that my kids are going to play with. We all know accidents can happen and I would prefer to protect the activities once instead of prepping multiple times.

After laminating, cut them out again.

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Now We Play

Playing with these puzzles is versatile.

You can choose to do a few letters at a time, like start with A-D, then E-H, etc. Or you can do all 26 letter sets. It is totally up to you and what your child is ready for. Starting off small and expanding is a great way to start.

Check out these dot to dot activities!

Mix up the puzzle pieces. Children will match the letter pieces to the pieces with pictures. For instance D matches with Doughnut. It’t that simple!

When your child is up for the challenge, try the next set of alphabet puzzle pieces.

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