Prewriting Activity: Trace The Way

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Prewriting is such an important activity to help children get ready for writing. Before children can write letters, it is an important to have them practice different prewriting techniques. This can help them in a variety of ways for their future. This Prewriting Activity is the perfect way to encourage this skill while being engaged.

Prewriting Activity

As a heads up, prewriting isn’t required, but it is a great idea. Children as young as toddlers can begin activities to help them get a head start on being able to write letters and numbers. Prewriting activities can help strengthen finger and hand muscles that are crucial for holding a pencil, writing skills and other important skills. Besides fine motor activities, prewriting activities are a great way to help this.

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Prewriting activities also strengthens skills that may get overlooked but that are important. For instance being able to pick up a pencil, finger dexterity, bilateral coordination (being able to hold the paper and use the pencil at the same time), as well as creating shapes with the writing utensil.

This Trace The Way activity is a particularly fun prewriting activity. This set has a variety of different themes including planets, aliens, cars and more.


Preparing this activity is super easy. Once you print the pages, cut the strips away from each other. You can then go one of a few different routes. You could just give the strips to a child with a writing utensil and let them complete it. If you would like to make this an activity that you can do over and over, there are a few options. First you could laminate and use with dry erase markers. If you don’t have a laminator, though, don’t fret. You can use a zip closing bag and also use with dry erase markers. It inexpensive and simple.

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