Preschool Valentine Hearts Handprint Craft

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Sweet handmade gifts are the best aren’t they? Especially those that capture a piece of time with little handprints. I don’t care how many handprint crafts I have of my little one, more are always welcome. This Preschool Valentine Hearts Handprint Craft is sure to be a hit with grandmas, grandpas, parents, aunts, teachers, babysitters or anyone else.

Preschoolers love a fun hands-on activity and they will enjoy this one they can stamp with their own mark and fill to give as a gift.

Materials needed for your Valentine Hearts Handprint Jar:

  • A mason or upcycled pickle/pasta jar
  • red, pink, or purple craft paint
  • a large paintbrush or foam brush
  • sweet little hands
  • optional- glitter
  • candy or other filler for the jar

Here is how we made ours:

First paint and open little hand well with an even coat of paint in the color of your choice, we went with red for our Valentine hearts project.

Having them keep their fingers tightly together press their hand firmly on the jar slightly diagonally, fingers pointing up. Paint the other hand and overlap the bottom as you press it going in the other direction on the jar to create a ” heart” shape. We used a jar with a lid I picked up at the craft store for  $1.50 but you can upcycle a pasta sauce or pickle jar as well.

If you like, while the paint is still wet they can shake on a little glitter to add some more texture to their craft. I know, ugh glitter, but they just love it.

Once completely dry fill with candy, sweet notes written by those little hands, crayons, gift cards, or anything else you would like to include for the recipient. Replace lid, add a gift tag.

Also, to personalize you can let your child add their name and the date on the opposite side with a paint pen.

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