Preschool Game Pack 60 Themed Games

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Do you ever just want to take a breather while schooling BUT still keep the kids engaged?

This collection of preschool games is designed to be a fantastic brain break!

The preschool game pack consists of 10 themes with 6 popular games in each totaling 60 games to help your preschooler have fun or have a study break when needed. Because the themes generally match the themes thought in classrooms / homeschooling they make a great addition to any existing curriculum.

Preschool Themes included are:

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Fall
  3. Spring
  4. Ocean
  5. Polar Animals
  6. Zoo
  7. Pirate
  8. Mermaids
  9. Birds
  10. Space

Each theme has 6 popular activities to explore.

1. Bingo

There are 2 types of bingo in this pack. The first one has no tiles covered. These are perfect for smaller children who thrive in the co-operative environment where everyone wins.

The other has 3 covered tiles per sheet and there can only be one winner of the group.

2. I Spy

A classical Ispy that children count the number of items and then write it in the provided boxes below.

Use this Ispy with a twist as well and use gems to cover the images that are alike. Kind of like a search and find.

3. Graphing

Two dice options are provided. Either make a cube from the provided template or add pictures to your own fabric cube.

Either color the graph while charting or use manipulatives.

4. Memory Match

Turn over 2 cards at a time to match 2 identical pictures. The key is to remember where the pictures are if you dont turn over a match!

5. Clip Cards

These work great for fine motor as well as counting. Use clothespins to “clip” the correct number of objects displayed. Bigger clothespins for younger kids and a challenging smaller clothespin for older kids.

Alternatively use gems / pompoms to cover each item as it is counted for younger kids and place a pom pom over the number.

6. Puzzles

A classic 10 piece puzzle. Reconstruct to reveal a picture related to the theme!

Grab your printable pack today. Hours of fun awaits!

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