Preparing for Preschool: Creative Center in a Box

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Welcome to a new year of preschool! Today I want to share a few things on my mind for this next season of preschool. I have 3 children I am going to try to involve in our preschool activities, although my 6 year old is pretty much done with most things on the lower end of preschool I find he still enjoys the creative outlet, my 5 year old is a delayed learner so he will be joining my 3 year old this season.

Tips for Preparing for Preschool

Use your child’s interest for learning.

Establish a routine. If you plan to homeschool preschool make a certain time for it.

Tricks while Homeschool Preschool

My children would fight of over craft materials and activity bits. I found introducing a tray to contain each childs activity has been a sanity saver.

Advice for Homeschool Preschool

Have fun!

Sometimes you will have children who flat out refuse to participate. Thats OK. I usually try the activity / idea the next week or even a few weeks later.

Activities for Preparing for Preschool

Although the list of items to learn in preschool is rather long don’t get discouraged! You will also find that your child is most likely to know a few of these things already and if not they will soon!

Things we plan to Learn & Brush up on in Preschool this year

Learning to be independant – brushing hair, teeth, potty trained, washing hands

Reading for at least 15 mins a day – Try pointing to words as you read on some pages so that your child can follow along. That being said I wouldn’t do this for the entire book just a few pages. Ask questions about the book you are reading. These can range from what color is his hat to what happened?

Introduce the ABC with the abc song – I have an entire post for learning the alphabet in 2 weeks time. (follow by email and I will remind you to come look at it!)

Counting & Numbers – We have done a lot of 1-10 counting over the last year this year we aim to expand into 11-20 and perhaps a few basic 2 + 2 =4 😉 I find my children respond well to games for this kind of learning. (see my archives for Counting & Numbers)

For both Numbers and ABC I have been letting the kids watch LeapFrog videos (netflix has a few) this has greatly increased my 5 year olds counting and number recognition. Another example of using what works for a specific child.

Colors & Shapes – Once again being observant in everyday life, pointing colors out and asking about colors every now and again as well as games encouraging using this knowledge. (see my archives for Colors & Shapes)

Writing – This is where fine motor skills come into play. Fine motor activities help develop writing by strengthening muscles which we in turn use when hold a pencil. (see my archives for Fine Motor Ideas)

Emotions – Learning to understand and deal with the range of emotions that comes with being a child. Sad, happy and the all too well known frustration.

Following Instructions – This seems to be a hit and miss with my younger kids but I am sure it will develop over the next preschool year as we do a few activities specially targeted at this.

Creative Center in a Box

To start off our preschool this season I have put together a creative center. My children love to randomly draw and stick things. I find this brings out many interesting drawings and creative creations 😉

Items in the box:

  • Stickers (example of how my kids randomly use stickers)
  • Colored pencils, wax crayons, markers (yes this is a rather various collection but it is fascinating to see which a child will choose to create with!)
  • Pencils, sharpener and eraser
  • Googly eyes! (I love to include these for obvious reasons)
  • Glue
  • Scissors, optional punches (my kids love stars!)
  • Blank Paper
  • Blank Notebook with multi-color pen

I also included our busy book because it has a few nice drawing and free creative expression ideas in it. 

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