Popsicle Stick Number Mats for 1-20

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Learning numbers is so important for young children. This is the base of their future in math. Without a solid knowledge of number recognition and number formation, they can’t go forward in math. Just because this is an important skill, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use exciting and fun activities to help them learn. These engaging number printables for preschoolers will help children learn to recognize and know how to form numbers but in a different way than normal. Grab these Popsicle Stick Number Mats and thank us later!

My kids LOVE this Number Recognition For Spring activity.

Learn Numbers With Popsicle Stick Number Mats

This set is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergarteners. With a little adaptation, these could be used for older children as well.

You’ll need:

Printable Popsicle Stick Number Mats
Popsicle Sticks (Traditional Size)
Lamination (Optional)

The first step is to print the set. Each number comes on its own full size sheet. If you would like, you can optionally laminate each one. This can help prolong the life of the activity.

Grab the popsicle sticks and get started!

You can choose to give your child number 1 to start and go up, start at 20 and go down or choose random numbers.

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Benefits of Popsicle Stick Number Mats

Not only is this engaging math activity perfect for helping children with the number recognition and number formation skills, but others as well.

Creativity is strengthened. Using popsicle sticks is not the typical way to form numbers, but it works perfectly.

Fine motor skills are also strengthened. Children must pick up and place the popsicle stick back down. This helps the muscles of a child’s hand grow. This is important so that children can tie shoes, zip a zipper or hold a pencil.

Alternative Ideas

Besides using this in the ways mentioned above, you can also use it for simple math or subtraction. Use two of the number mats to be added together or subtracted from one another.

Since you already have popsicle sticks out, you could also introduce tally marks to older children.

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