Pom Pom Post and Blow Activity

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Need a super quick activity? I got one that is going to amuse those kiddos for at least 10-20 minutes.

My 22 month old was a little restless before we started our night time routine so I decided to distract her with some pom poms. At this age they love to post things, absolutely everything is shoved into a hole  at this age. It is great for fine motor skills so I am really not one to complain.

I grabbed a tube and some pom poms that would fit snuggly into the tube. Tubes generally from kitchen towel rolls are smaller than the toilet rolls. Mine is the tube that my essential oils are posted  in and similar to the kitchen towel size.

To help the pom poms stay in the tube once the toddlers have posted them, aka shoved them in, slightly dent / pinch the ends to help keep them in.

I played with my 22 month old for about 10 minutes having her post the pom poms and blowing them out for her before my 4 year old happen to see what was going on.

She took over and her and my toddler continued playing for 30 odd minutes! I think it is the longest these two have played with each other. lol

Since my 4 year old took over playing with my 22 month old I was able to grab the camera for a little video! Take a look.

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