Plantable Paper Seed Craft

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Spring is a wonderful time to explore all things that grow in nature. In the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, readers are led through an adventure of a tiny seed and what it goes through in order to grow and thrive. This plantable paper seed craft is a great way to encourage kids to grow their own seeds.

How to Make Plantable Paper

Take a look below and see how you can get growing, just like the tiny seed in our text!

Supplies Needed for the Seed Craft:

Tissue paper or thin paper
Assorted garden seeds
Cookie cutters (optional)
Spray bottle

You can choose any type of flowering annual seed you wish. Some excellent choices are wildflowers, poppies, or daisies. All seem to work well for this project and will bloom quickly.

Plantable Paper Directions:

Begin by laying your piece of paper flat on the table. Gently mist it with the spray bottle and water. You don’t want to saturate it, just mist it lightly.

While the paper is damp, sprinkle the seeds onto the paper. Create a nice even coat of seeds spreading them out as you go.

Place a second piece of paper on top of the seed layer. Gently press so it sticks to the bottom paper and the seeds.

Allow the paper and seeds to dry. This may take a few hours. The paper will get stiff and crispy as it dries.

Once the paper is dry, take your cookie cutter and pencil to create a stencil. Gently trace the cookie cutter so your design is easy to see.

Use the scissors to cut out the shape. If you wish, you can skip the cookie cutters and freehand the shape.

Once your shape is cut out, your plantable paper is ready to be used!

To use your seed paper, simply plant the entire shape in the ground or in a flower pot. Just bury it a few inches down in nutrient rich soil, water it, and give it plenty of sun. In a few weeks, you will see sprouting!

You can watch your own little seeds go from seed to plant in no time, just like in the text. So grab a copy of The Tiny Seed and give this activity a try! It is a great way to get ready for spring.

Flowers & Trees – Learning will blossom with these activities to help grow little minds!

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