Pirate Learning Printables

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Arrr Matey! Do you have a little pirate in your house? These Pirate Learning Printables are going to be so helpful for helping your pirate learn, strengthen skills and have engaging learning activities! This printable set is packed full of pirate themed games, activities and more!


Pirate Learning Activities

This learning activities pack is full of exciting games, learning activities and more to help children strengthen skills.

Writing Prompt

This pirate hat printable is a writing prompt. Kids can color the hat and then write their name, a few quick sentences about whatever they would like, or just practice letters.

P is for Pirate

Next we have a P is for Pirate worksheet. Kids can finish the maze inside the P, color the p, and then trace the dotted line ps and word pirate.

Find The Treasure Maze

Kids can work on finding their way to the treasure with this fun pirate themed maze. Mazes are beneficial for helping children with cognitive thinking, problem solving skills and even visual discrimination. All of this and they are fun too!

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Prewriting Practice

Prewriting is important for toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn how to hold a pencil and guide the writing utensil in the directions that they need to form the lines. This is super helpful for children to have practice with before they begin writing letters.

Build A Pirate

Children can practice scissor skills and cut out each of the parts on the page. Next they can color them and play with the parts, creating a pirate. This reminds me of the paper dolls I played with when I was young.

Let’s Count

Each line of this worksheet will help children with counting, 1:1 correspondence and simple addition. Each line has different images that represent a part of being a pirate.

How fun do all of these pirate activities look? They are simple to prep and helpful for children to learn and practice important skills.

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