Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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My son is very much into pirates and so I wan’t surprised when he asked for a pirate birthday party this year! I had already done a little browsing for ideas and found a bunch of ideas I liked the look of. He and I came up with a few ideas as well. His Pirate Birthday Party was going to ROCK!

All of the ideas we decided on were chosen mainly because most of them were very simple plus doable with the few resources I had on hand.

Ahoy Matey’s: Birthday Party Ideas

My first request from my son was to make a pirate ship cake. Simple enough. I watched a youtube video on how to make a ship from the cake, this one has a fondu layer so I only watched the first minute of the video on how to cut the cake.

We were also going with a Jake and Neverland Pirates theme and needed blue sails. I found blue bucky sails at the very bottom of the Jake and Neverland Pirates Party post.

I decorated the base of the ship with chocolate coins. I got the pirate coins mold off ebay. I also got some relighting candles because the kids love to blow them out. The kids had to blow extra hard for them to go out!

Other items I got were:

Pirate Balloons

Pirate Gems

Pirate Coins

Mini Pirate Treasure Chests

Printable pirate chests


Games for your pirate party!

I Spy! Make this squishy tub and fill it with things then give rewards for completed cards.

I love the idea of making a walk the plank, it’s so pirate like 😀 Elevate a plank over a splash pool or fill blue balloons with water. If you are inside you can just blow up the balloons.

 Toss the hook

Coconut bowling

Playdough tables always go down well at parties! This pirate themed playdough is a great idea!

These DIY pirate telescopes are awesome! Be sure to check out all the other activities also shown in this post 🙂

Create your own treasure hunt! Get a blank printable map here.

I hide a treasure somewhere and used the above blank map to make a little hunt! The loot? BUBBLES!!

After finding some cheap little bubble bottles I made new labels for them with a pirate theme. Amazon has some ready to use bubbles though. Etsy has some to print and stick too.

The Pirate Treats!

I love this watermelon treasure chest! I also saw a watermelon pirate ship but since the cake was a ship I decided to pass.

How cute are these rice krispie treats treasure chests??

These pirate pops are adorable and delicious!!

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