Peacock Animal Craft

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I am very excited to introduce you to my fellow fine motor friday blogger and co-author of 99 Fine Motor Ideas Georgina Bomer and her NEW book: 50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids!

I got my hands on a print copy a few months ago and decided to do a few crafts with my toddler. This craft caught my toddlers eye and I decided to alter it a bit for a more permanent display.

The book has a nice variety of simple to do activities that are great for little kids. Although the older ones would most likely do them too!  Love easy and simple? Kids love animals? Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

To make this peacock you will need:

  • Popsicle sticks in either green or blue
  • Feathers in peacock colors. blue, purple and green did it for us.
  • Googly eyes
  • Foam sheet (I found this shiny one at a local stationery store) You will need blue for the main body and a small bit of yellow for a beak.
  • White school glue
  • Your copy of 50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids! Cause you know.. you are going to want to do all the crafts in here. I promise.
  • Optional hot glue gun if you want to make a more permanent stand like we did!

First up we glued our popsicle sticks together then added the feathers in a pleasing layout. (Meaning my 2 year old went sticking mad 😉 )

The feathers were stuck in all directions, but thats ok. The original craft was done stuck to cardstock in the book.

Cut out a rough body shape and stick it as well as the beak and eye on.

We left the artwork to dry overnight.

Adults Only: (this is not in the book)

Next comes my bit, with my friend the glue gun. Get another 2 popsicle sticks make a v, hot glue into place. Make sure ends are the same width as your peacocks base support. Add hot glue to the 2 top v ends and rest the peacock on it. If your foam body was longer than the sticks gently bend in under.

Next add a hot glue drop to both the middle popsicle stick on the peacock and the lower end of the v. Join them.

Do the other ones too. Ta daa! a standing craft. 

This one is looking SUPER on my display shelf.

Grab your copy of 50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids and make some too!

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