Parts Of A Body Labeling Activity

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Toddlers and Preschoolers are constantly being taught about the different parts of their body. Why is it so adorable when you ask a toddler where their belly button is, and they point to it? This labeling activity can help children with recognizing the parts of the body as well as being able to name them.


Parts Of A Body Labeling Activity: What’s Included

There are 4 pages total. Two of girls and two of boys.

  • Parts of the face
  • Parts of the body

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How To Prep & Use

There are a few options when it comes to prepping. You can use this as a one time use activity or you could prep is so that it can be used over and over.


Materials For Single Use:


You can just print and go with this activity. Kids can start working with it as soon as it is printed. Children can use a pencil or markers to write on the pages. Or they can cut the words out and paste them in the correct spots.

You can also make this into a multi use activity.

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Materials For Multi-Use:

Dry Erase Marker
Velcro Dots

You can optionally color the pages on your own, before laminating. This may help children be more attracted to the activity.

Then cut the words from the word bank. Laminate all of the parts. You can place velcro dots on the back of the words as well as on the empty boxes, then kids can velcro the correct answers in place.


This is a super fun and creative activity to help children learn all about the various parts of the body.

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