Paperclip Counting 1-20 (Free Printable)

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Welcome to a new season of Fine Motor Skills!!

Today I combined a few aspects to make a multi purpose activity and busy bag for the kids. Oh how I love busy bags.

The aim of this activity is to encourage fine motor by clipping the paperclips onto the card, increase logic because without those number tabs to say which way the paperclips go the children are challenged to get them on. Oh then there is the counting and matching of numbers!

Paperclip Counting 1-20

I made the 1-10 card easier so that my younger preschooler could also have a try. She is just just starting to understand these paperclips and it took her a few to actually get one to clip onto the card.

My older preschooler did the 1-10 card in no time at all clipping the paperclips in the correct order by matching up the numbers. The 11-20 card was where his skills were challenged. The paperclips no longer had numbers on them which encouraged him to take a better look at the paperclip itself so that it would actually go on the card.

Download the Free Counting 1-20 printable, cut and laminate.

A little extra idea because these cards are laminated! Use a dry erase pen for number writing. My younger preschooler checked off her numbers as she said them and it generally drew on the card.

My older preschooler wrote some numbers. 

All in all I think this ones a keeper and will be great to revisit to see how we have progressed during the year.

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