Paper Plate Seahorse Craft for Kids

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If your children are fascinated with seahorses, then Secret Seahorse by Stella Blackstone is the perfect read. This story explores these little ocean creatures and can help children better understand what a day in the life of a seahorse is all about! Enjoy this book with your child, then give this paper plate seahorse craft for kids a try.

Make a Paper Plate Seahorse Craft

Supplies needed:

paper plate
markers or paint

You can find all of the items we used here at your local craft store, or chances are you already have most of these items in your crafting stash!


Begin by using the pencil to create the profile of the seahorse. You will draw the profile directly on the plate, using the rounded edge of the plate as the back of the seahorse. If you need some inspiration, look online for pictures of seahorses, or you can even consult the text. This should give you plenty of ideas as far as the size, shape, and colors of seahorses.

Free hand the horse/snout-like nose, skinny neck, round belly, and of course the curled mermaid-like tail. Use a pencil so you can erase and fix the profile as you need. Making the profile may take a few attempts, which is okay!

Once the profile is to your liking, you can cut it out. Trim along the lines until you have the entire body cut out of the plate.

You can now decorate the body of your seahorse. To do this you can use craft paint or markers. Paint it all one color or try a design.

Don’t forget to give your seahorse eyes and a mouth!

Your paper plate seahorse can now be displayed. Hang it up for everyone to enjoy, use it as a reading buddy, or even use it as a bookmark. It is a fun, colorful, and hands on way to explore the text as well as seahorses further.

Check out the book Secret Seahorse by Stella Blackstone, then see how much fun making your own paper plate seahorse can be.

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