Our BEST Fine Motor Activities

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Ahh don’t you just love looking back on a year and thinking wow that wasn’t THAT bad. I especially love that fact that I write up most of the things we do on this blog and it is easy for me to reflect on the past year with the kids and what they enjoyed.

Here are a few things I thought were great Fine Motor success stories from last year!

Combining Science and Fine motor by fizzing hearts!

One can never get enough Cutting & Threading Practice, we had tons of fun with Straws.

We also loved the classic Muffin Tin Fine Motor Practice (includes free printable color disks)

I was then inspired to share a few ways we (and others!) use the fine motor tool kit!

We did go a bit crazy with our circle punch that one time and ended up making a rather cool rainbow which turned into a Sort and Count Rainbow Puzzle Busy Bag.

We certainly love to stick stuff! We combined the love of threading with some glue and got some Name Recognition with Beads.

Finger painting is also a hit!

EVERYONE should have some loose parts to sort and pattern with. It’s just so relaxing!

Ahh that time my toddler made up an awesome game to use her dot markers! (be sure to watch the video!)

Colorful Ice and Salt Experiment we did has to be the most talked about of the entire year!

I also managed to put together Velcro Dot Craft Stick Building Cards for the kids as they love these things so much!

We also loved this collection of ready made busy bags which also feature a HUGE list of fine motor benefits!

I am also grateful to everyone who bought the 99 Fine Motor ideas book this past year in support of better fine motor skills for our kids! Thank you!

More ideas!

Fantastic Fine Motor Activities from Stir the Wonder
Winter Themed Fine Motor Activities from Still Playing School

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