Ocean I Spy Printable

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I love using i spy pages in our activities! This week I made an ocean themed one and discovered 3 or 4 ways to use the i spy sheet to extend our game play.

You can find more ocean themed activities at the bottom of this post.

Things you will need:

  • The free ocean i spy printable
  • pencil, pen or markers
  • dot a dot markers
  • optional activity tray

Print the activity sheet and start the fun!

Options for play:

  1. Use the normal method of a pencil circle and count the items as you find them and write the numbers in the boxes at the bottom of the page.
  2. Use a thicker marker and write the numbers on the items. This gives number writing practice 😉
  3. Use dot a dot markers! Dot a color in the number blocks and then dot the items on the page with the correct color. This one is great for color coordination and for the younger ones who are not so great with numbers yet.
  4. Use stickers! Peel off dot like stickers and stick them over the items as they are found. This one would be extra fine motor practice because peeling stickers and sticking them is work. You could also have a prewritten number on the stickers for counting.

Dot a dots are great for toddlers who are not so great with pencils or even counting! My 5 year old for instance loves to paint and will rarely draw things I use this activity with him.

You can mostly see the items still under the paint. I must say out of all the methods my kids love the dot a dot method the best I am thinking it is because it involves dotting and paint and is totally different to the usual activities of writing.

For one of our other ideas is to use a thicker marker and write the numbers on the items as they are counted.

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