O is for Octopus

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This activity is super easy and you most likely have all the supplies or can substitute some out if need be.

It is also great paired with a letter O learning theme or just by itself. Do check the bottom of this post for the rest of the ABC!

Supplies needed:

  • Foam in a color your child likes, the lighter colors work best.
  • White school glue
  • Smaller pom poms
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Glitter tubes and glitter glue

Firstly you will need to cut a octopus type shape out of the foam sheet. Remember that an octopus has a large round head and 8 arms. If you have older kids, draw the outline and have then do some cutting practice!

Next you can give the kids the glue to stick things as freely as they want or for the younger ones make random dots for them to stick their pom poms on. Both of these activities will work on fine motor skills. The pincering of the pom poms and the squeezing of the glue and glitter bottles.

Our second octopus, because it was so much fun to make the first one!, we smeared glue all over and just added glitter. My 4 year old was sure excited to shake those glitter tubes. The tubes let out a bit at a time so I was rather pleased to not have the entire tube on the table. hehe

Each color was used in turn and I ask what the name of each color was because she used them. I’m so sneaky 😉

The end result 2 pretty little octopus which we will hand on our new art wall.

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