No Sew Counting and Numbers Quiet Book – Part 2

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This is part 2 of my no sew counting and numbers quiet book! This how to has been split into 5 posts to make them easier to follow and faster to get to.

Catch up here:

  • Cover of the quiet book, Page 1 – Ladybug and Page 2 – Threading Hoops – Tons of construction tips too!
  • Page 3 – Apples and Page 4 – Flowers in a Vase
  • Page 5 – Little Ducks and Page 6 – Ice Cream
  • Page 7 – Little Pigs and Page 8 – Threading Stars
  • Page 9 – Buttons and Page 10 – Carrots

For each and every page of this counting and number quiet book I have made the pages interactive as I find my kids love to touch, feel and move things.

Page 3 – Counting Apples

My daughter just loved the apples page in her previous no sew quiet book I just couldn’t resist adding one into the counting and numbers quiet book too!

The apples are simple to make. Cut out a circle and make a small cut for the top where the leaves go. Cut out 2 green leaves and hot glue them down. Velcro them down to the page for the activity.

Page 4 – Flower Vase

This is my personal favourite of this no sew quiet book!

The children get to remove the pretty flowers and put them back into the vase which is fine motory! Look! 4 Flowers.

This page is also popular with my kids because of the vase that they can arrange over and over again. This page is also great for fine motor skills.

To make this page there is a bit of flower bits to cut out. You will need 4 yellow circles for the centres and 6 petals for each flower in a different color or you could go for one color, that’s up to you.

Cut out your vase and cut in half the pipe cleaners for the stems.

As with page 2 of this quiet book I turned over the one side of the pipe cleaner so that the pointy wire did not stick us. This also allowed the flowers to smoothly slide into the vase without catching on the felt.

To make the flowers hot glue the petals to the yellow circle one by one.

TOP TIP: I use a toothpick and tweezers for fine work like this so I don’t get burnt by the hot glue!

Once your flower is ready hot glue the pipe cleaner to the back of it.

Yes, more images of the flowers in the vase! My kids seriously love this page too.

More flower arranging.

NEXT: Page 5 and 6

PREVIOUSLY: The cover, pages 1 and 2

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