My Emotions with LEGO

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Sometimes kids have trouble expressing their emotions which in my house leads to frustration and often screaming at their siblings.

After a bit of research on the internet I came to a general overview that other than having them stop and talk, playing games with that include emotions in them is a great way to encourage the learning of emotions as well as expressing them via play.

In this activity I have used LEGO, which is a favorite of my son, to get him into playing an emotion game with me.

Build LEGO men / woman. They need to be large enough for drawing on. Grab a dry erase pen for drawing with. These wipe away easily.

Our guys even had space to draw clothing on them. Wipe the emotion faces off with the dry erase provided eraser or a dry cloth.

See how many emotions you can come up with!

Draw an emotion on your LEGO man and ask the child to identify it and act it / pull a face.

This game was great fun and we learnt a bit more about our emotions while playing it!

I have way to many pictures to show off. 🙂 But the faces are just worth it.

We made 2 LEGO men and role played with them too.

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