Mini Terrarium Craft for Kids

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Terrariums are a great way for kids to learn about how plants grow, and care for their own little plants in the comfort of their home. Building your own terrarium doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive, in fact it can be quite budget friendly and fun. Look below at how to make your own mini terrarium, and get started on this fun and education project for yourself!

You will need:

glass or clear jar of choice
small plant seedling of choice
faux or real moss
fun embellishments such as fairy garden moss, mushrooms
spray bottle

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Begin by creating a layer of rocks or gravel at the bottom of the jar.

Now, add a layer of sand. You want to make sure the sand layer is thick and doesn’t all fall between the rocks.

Add a layer of soil. Now that you have created layers, the soil will drain well when you water it.
Plant the seedling of your choice. Make sure it is covered well with soil. You may be able to see the roots through the glass which is also fun!

Cover the soil with a thin layer of real or faux moss. Both will help protect the roots and keep the plant moist.

You can now add any fun items you wish! We added some moss stones and mini mushrooms for extra appeal.

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Water your plant by using a spray bottle. Just mist the soil lightly. Over time, you will have fun watching your plant grow and seeing all of the action happen beneath the soil! This is such a fun way to see science in action, and give kids a plant of their own to care for.

Gather your supplies and give this simple terrarium craft a try! 

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