Mess Free Paint Exploring For Toddlers

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This one might take a few introductions to get your child interested. Harvey found it interesting but didn’t quite get it at first. We had it taped to a tray that was on the floor, and first he pretended to eat it and we all had a good laugh, then he got up and stood on it. I moved the paint around a little to show him what to do, and he tried a little, but he still wanted me to do it for him.


  • Resealable plastic bag
  • Thick tape
  • Colorful paints
  • Cardstock

Measure the cardstock in the resealable plastic bag and cut to size. Place blobs of paint on the cardstock and slip the cardstock into the bag. Zip it closed pushing most of the air out.

Tape the bag closed with your thick tape to prevent leaks. Tape the paint bag to your table or in a tray for your child to enjoy all day long!

Show your child how the paints are moved with fingers and eventually mixed.

When I taped it to the kids’ table at home and left it there for a few days, he did occasionally go visit it and play with it. The older kids loved it and wanted their own. It’s very nice for visual stimulation.

This idea isn’t JUST for 1 year olds!

There are 40 more activities in the book and ALL include an activity variation AND “As They Grow” section, making this a Grow-With-Them book.

Activities are suited to 1, 2, 3 and even 4 year olds!

You’ll really get your money’s worth!

Ebook (pdf on your computer)


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